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I’m On Crack!

20 Sep

Not really.

But let me tell you, I’ve just finished a ton of projects and have a ton of other irons in the fire, so if you could bottle my energy and sell it I’m pretty sure the DEA would be on your ass. Or mine.

Anyway, this is not a blog about the drug war. This is a blog about doing exactly what you want to do. Um, unless that’s crack, in which case maybe you should find a new hobby. Maybe not. What do I know?

Writing novels is the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do. What? You don’t believe me? Allow me to explain.

This week, I’ve had to write a couple essays for a scholarship to go to Turkey next semester (which will be made of awesome). They’re short little things, four pages each maybe. But writing them is like pulling teeth. Actually, no. Writing them is like getting teeth pulled. Which makes way more sense. Also, I have to design my senior capstone in history, and even though it’s on a subject that I’m really interested in, my heels are already dragging when I think about writing it.

I am not even going to address the fact that I have to write multiple essays in German every week.

In high school, I was foolish enough to write poetry, which was a slog to say the least. Lab reports were lucky to be in full sentences (and the math was never right). Ironically, I didn’t even like doing my Creative Writing projects. The closest I came then to the feeling of elation I get when I’m really in the swing of something was when I wrote my first full length story. It was an 80-pg graphic novel about a hard-boiled detective set in 1939. Talk about write what you know, eh?

So, while writing 25 pages of a history paper or 150 words in German should be a snap, it’s not. And this gets to the real point. When I write a novel, it is whatever I want it to be. And I don’t have to footnote. And the most beautiful thing about it is that no one is standing over me making me do it. In fact, I lied at the beginning of this blog. Not when just when I said I was on crack. Because I am definitely not, I promise. No, I lied when I said that writing novels is the easiest thing I have ever had to do (“Ha!” you say, “I knew it!”). See, the thing that makes it for me is that I don’t have to. I just want to.

Which is pretty fucking cool.